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May 07 2015

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The next big thing is already here - WiFi password hack

We have the next big revolution happening today. This software wifi hacker i.e. I am going to introduce you guys to will revolutionize the way people live their lives. IBN, JDBC released reports that this wifi password hack will have an impact more than the invention of steam engine, black plague, storming of bastile, small pox vaccine and even more than the birth of Jesus. Well the comparison is ridiculous. Once you know how this wifi hacker software works, you wouldn't mind the comparison. Every time you click on the WiFi icon anywhere, you will obviously come across a lot of names which are precisely what your neighbors had named their networking devices. Just as the grass is always greener on the other side, your neighbors WiFi network is always faster than your WiFi device. Well that's how the human psyche is. You should know how to hack WiFi password to clarify the doubts that is growing as a weed in your mind. Either weed it out which you can't or use this WiFi unlocker which would unlock the WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption your neighbor’s network is configured. This wifi password hacker's interface is relatively simple compared to the backend coding and workload and the RAM space it consumes. This WiFi hacker has a checkbox labelled "Secure my IP address" which is proxy for whatever request that will be sent by this wifi password finder. Every modern day router has 256 bit encryption WPA2 type which is pretty difficult to hack into. But this WiFi unlocker consumes 27.34MB of ram space and 2.343 seconds to mask your IP address. The request will be sent to the WiFi hacker's server which is assumed to be a box-shaped building containing about hundreds of highly configured mainframe computers with each computer having the power equivalent to a nuclear reactor's capability to produce power. Reality check is that even when too much of incoming traffic is there to this software (millions of people are assumed to use this wifi password finder to hack wifi) this wifi hacker can handle a dozen million requests at the same time without even reaching half the value of the threshold. Stability, workload endurance and results are the three characteristics which would make this WiFi unlocker stand out among all the other WiFi hacker softwares. The same way the cheapest toothpaste in the market can kill 99% of the germs, this WiFi hacker app which is the highly cheap i.e. free can hack WiFi password 99% of the times. Given the success rate of this WiFi hacker software, the next 10 years no tech genius would write off this genius WiFi hacker software. Technology Revolution is coming!!!

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